Leverage our expertise in supporting your Active Directory environment Our consultants have the expertise and experience to assist with all of your Active Directory related activities and tasks Microsoft Windows Active Directory is the foundation of your network. It is the structure that manages and controls access to some of the most critical resources in your organization. If your Active Directory environment is not properly configured and administered, this will result in service outages and worse yet, security breaches. QCNC's Microsoft-certified consultants have over 20 years of experience designing, installing, and supporting Microsoft Windows Active Directory services for some of the largest companies in the world. We offer affordable consulting and support services. Trust the advanced infrastructure experts at QCNC to assist you with a variety of professional Active Directory services, including but not limted to: Break-fix and Troubleshooting Active Directory Health checks Active Directory Design sessions and verification Group Policy Configuration Migrations and Upgrades Ongoing monthly support BREAK-FIX AND TROUBLESHOOTING Does your organization have a technical problems with your Active Directory environment? If so, why not let QCNC's consultants with their Active Directory expertise provide the technical assistance your organization needs to solve the most complex problems. By leveraging our vast experience, we are able to solve your problems very quickly. Active directory health checks QCNC’s Health Check engagement collects data and statistics on the most important and critical aspects of the environment (Operations, Performance, Infrastructure, Security and DNS, etc.). The goal of this health check is to proactively diagnose and analyze the data collected and potentially avoid any problems from surfacing in the future. The tools used are passive and only collect information about Active Directory. They are read-only and do not make any changes to any servers. Our Health Check is designed for senior and top-level IT staff responsible for the daily support and maintenance of the Microsoft environment. QCNC can also provide operations, configurations and architectural recommendations aimed at improving the operational efficiency of your environment including: Perform a detailed analysis of Active Directory Architecture Review Active Directory configuration (DNS, Site design, Replication, and GPO) Improve availability by eliminating single points of failure Improve Active Directory performance Reduce service outages and downtime by identifying current or imminent issues For more information, please contact us at: Phone: (720) 288-7692 or Email: info@qcnc.com
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