Leverage QCNC's expertise with our Operating System imaging & migration support Our consultants have the expertise and experience to assist with all of your Windows workstation operating system imaging & migration related activities QCNC's subject matter experts can assist with planning, automation, and help your organization execute your Windows OS imaging deployment using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) or Intune with Autopilot. Our consultants can ensure your successful deployment of Windows 10 or even Windows Server operating system. We can fully automate and customize the deployment through the development of unattended installation scripting files and Microsoft Desktop Toolkit (MDT) integration. Our consultants have the experience in automating tasks such as naming the machine, having the machine join a domain, adding or removing programs and features, and installing server roles. QCNC's consultants can also help expedite the completion of Windows migrations by providing expert assistance to ensure efficient management of the migration process and to give employees a self-service means of scheduling their own operating system deployments and application migrations. Our experienced and professional approach minimizes the impact of the migration on users and eliminates hours of manual effort on the part of any organizations internal IT staff. QCNC's Operating System Services Offered: SCCM infrastructure and operating system deployment implementation, configuration and optimization Microsoft Intune with Autopilot services for Cloud imaging and customizations Windows Deployment Services (WDS) with MDT integration Network infrastructure configuration (PXE and DHCP implementation) Windows configuration and optimization (GPO, services, security, etc.) SCCM Task sequence development (image build and image deployment) User state migration processes, Driver management mechanisms Patch management mechanisms Application integration and Server Role management Overall process automation and management Best End-user experience Our Delivery Approach: Operating System Deployment Service engagements include requirements gathering workshop that helps in two important ways. It allows project teams to determine the breadth and scope of the overall effort required to build out operating system deployment capabilities and the deployment process. Secondly, it includes an assessment of the current WDS and SCCM infrastructure to ensure that customers have a solid operating system deployment foundation in place. Our workshop is followed by a thorough design phase, build out and implementation, extensive solution validation and acceptance testing stages. Simultaneously, rollout planning and application roles definition through use-case mapping are plotted out to complete the implementation of a highly scalable operating system rollout methodology. In addition QCNC's consultants can help companies leverage the robust capabilities of App Portal for creating operating system images and deploying them to target computers, thereby enabling role-based, bare-metal builds, re-imaging and replacement of computers using a convenient, self-service model. Our consultants can customize this offering to address your unique business needs and timelines, enabling you to accelerate migration, mitigate the impact of migration on users and on the network infrastructure, and eliminate hours of IT effort spent on manual migration tasks. QCNC has many years experience in Windows OS deployments and migrations and have provided assistance to companies of various sizes. Our focus is always to design and build the best possible solution to meet your business requirements, and to deploy the new Windows workstation OS in a manner which has the least possible user and business impact. Services Also Included: Assess Your Environment: QCNC will assess your current environment (including hardware and software) and provide recommendations for upgrading to a newer Operating System. Standard Operating Environment Design and Development: QCNC will gather your business requirements to design and build a Microsoft Windows Based Standard Operating Environment (SOE) and deployment strategy. Operating System Deployment Infrastructure: QCNC consultants can design and configure Operating System Deployment infrastructure for your organisation. Our consultants have extensive experience in deploying Operating Systems in small and large organisations. We specialise in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and Microsoft Deployment Toolkit. Application Packaging Services: QCNC can provide quality Application Packaging Services to help you take control of the software in your environment. Being able to deploy all the software in your environment in a reliable and repeatable manner is essential to a well-managed environment and crucial to successful Operating System Deployments. Our consultants specialise in traditional Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI), and Microsoft App-V packaging. Project Management: The key to getting Windows 10 deployed is great project management. QCNC can provide Project Management services with experience in Operating System Deployment projects For more information, please contact us at: Phone: (720) 288-7692 or Email: info@qcnc.com
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